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Tuesday, February 8th, 2022


**Use the following e-mail to contact CMI Property management:

Attending: Chris Child (via phone), Karen Liu, Aaron Lopez, Lyle Page, Dan Portwood Paul Beard & Spencer

Absent: None


1. Minutes from November, 2021 meeting were not available to review. (Note: Secretary was not present at November meeting. Board does not meet in December and January board meeting did not occur due to scheduling conflicts.)

2. There were two budget proposals for 2022.The board members agreed to review both budgets and vote to approve one of the two proposed budgets in the March, 2022 meeting.

3. HOA Fees to be raised to $200 starting on April 1st, 2022. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Review of financial statements and Accounts receivable. Delinquent HOA fees totaled $6,651.70. CMI have mailed correspondence to delinquent homeowners.

5. The board addressed concerns with dog waste on the property.Dog waste bag stations will be placed on the property.Chris Child will get estimates from dog waste removal companies.

6. The board agreed unanimously to have quarterly meetings with all homeowners.The first meeting will be held in March 8th, 2022. (Note: All meeting are open to homeowners.)


Landscaping company offered to trim bushes, trees and shrubs and clean mulch beds for $1,000.00 per day. CMI will contact Landscaping Company to conduct “spring cleaning” as outlined in contract. (Note: Spring Cleaning would encompass the same work and is included in current rate)


No concerns at this time.

(Note: Agenda Item from September, 2021 meeting. Board voted unanimously to have JRCA architects to create a new color palette.)


Utah Clear Cut will be conducting review on decks. Still waiting for more information on deck review.



Board agreed to have three of six remaining roofs replaced this year. The board will select the three buildings that are in most need of repair. American Roof agreed to have roofs replaced at same cost as last year. Board Approved Unanimously. (Note: Board waiting on final contract from American Roof.)

The board voted unanimously in November, 2021 to have the following general maintenance items completed. Cost is approximately $1,500.00

1. Fix Siding. West side. 3rd Floor top. 14044.

2. Replace Dryer vent. West side. 14044

3. Fix Rain gutter. Section missing. 3rd floor. Need 90 degree elbow and short section that is missing. 14054.

4. Remove satellite Dish and wires. Back Deck. 14052.

5. Remove excess wires not being used. 14046. Hanging on the south section of the deck.

6. Replace Dryer Vent. 14058.

7. Remove Excess wires. 14070

8. Remove Satellite Dish on roof of 14084. East side of building.

9. Replace Fireplace Vent. 14092. Old Style. Burning the roof materials above the vent. Dangerous.

10. Fix Siding on SW corner of 14092. Looks like coming loose.

11. Fix bulging siding 3rd floor 14102.

12. Remove wires 14102

13. Silicon seal top of Kitchen window.14112.

14. Remove Satellite dish frame/bracket and wires. 991.

15. Remove Satellite dish frame/bracket and wires. 989.

16. Remove Satellite Dish and wires. 985. Mounted on the SW Corner of the building.

17. Remove Satellite Dish and wires. 969.

18. Check siding and repair as needed. 957. Corner has a large gap that might be coming apart.

19. Remove Satellite Dish. 14151. Back Deck.

20. Check siding 14139 and 14137.

21. Remove Radio antenna on Roof. (if Possible) 14135. Remove wires coming from the roof on the back side.

22. 14121. Remove Satellite Dish and wires. mounted on the SE corner on the 2nd floor.

23. Fix/replace Vent cover. 14121

24. Replace missing vent cover 14119.


No concerns at this time.


No concerns at this time.


Tuesday March 8th, 2022 at 6:00pm. Location: TBD

Business Items for next meeting.

1. Homeowners Insurance

2. Landscaping Service

3. Fine Fee Schedule

4. Transfer of funds to interest bearing account

5. Property Infringement

6. Water usage/potential transfer of cost to homeowner

7. Pay HOA


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