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Tuesday, February 9th, 2021


**Use the following e-mail to contact CMI Property management:

Attending: Chris Child, Aaron Lopez, Lyle Page, Ron Steed, Shelley Williams, Paul Beard & Thomas Higham

Absent: None


1. Minutes from January 2021 meeting were reviewed & approved unanimously.

2. Review of financial statements and Accounts receivable. Ten Accounts delinquent on HOA fees totaling $920.

No issues noted & approved unanimously.

3. A Program to have residents pay HOA fees on new electronic platform was discussed. The program would potential give a way to communicate with residents, log work orders and increase HOA fee compliance. There are no fees for the platform. One board member to determine efficacy is currently piloting the platform.

4. The board discussed the need and cost to maintain the general condition of the property (roofs, decks, landscaping, etc). During prior iterations of the board a rotating schedule of working on two units per year was used to help with the appearance and condition of the property. One board member proposed reinstating a rotating schedule of maintenance.

5. There was a request be a resident to replace the fence between the Deer Run neighborhood and Village Townhomes at South Mountain. The board voted unanimously to not replace the fence. There was also a complaint from a Deer Run resident that VTSM trash was blowing into their yard.

A resident request that buildings at VTSM be power washed. The estimated cost was $10,000 per building. The board voted unanimously not to powerwash the buildings.


There was an offer by the landscaping company to remove old plants, shrubs and trees at a rate of $800 per day. No bids, plans or timeframe regarding what plants would replace items that had been removed. The board discussed this issue at length. The decision not to move forward was due to not having a plan for replacing landscaping and undefined costs. The board declined to move forward with this issue by majority.


Discussion to conduct a walk through and evaluate what needs painting..


The board will assess decks to see if there are any repairs, staining or painting issues that need to be resolved.


The board approved by majority to have two buildings get new roofs completed this summer. The projected cost was approximately $46,000. The board considered replacing roofs on two to four buildings. The roofing company offered to “lock in the price” for guaranteed jobs. The board had agreed last year to replace roofs on three buildings per year. Last year, due to an error on the roofing companies part four buildings were completed with a discount on one unit due to an error. This issue was discussed at length and passed by majority.


See Below Walks & Streets


The stairs in the middle of the complex has chipped with the recent cold weather posing a trip hazard. After inspection, the stairs will need to be replaced due to exposure to salt and the elements. CMI is waiting on proposals/bids to replace stairs.


Tuesday March 9th, 2021 at 6:00pm. Location: Via Zoom


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