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Tuesday, August 11th, 2020


**Letter regarding homeowner's insurance requirements now posted on this website under HOA forms.

Attending: Chris Child, Aaron Lopez, Catherine Norwood, Ron Steed, Dan Portwood, Shelley Williams, Paul Beard & Tom


1. Financial Status of Community

Annual Meeting Notes from 2019 were reviewed and approved unanimously.

2020 Budget Reviewed

2. Maintenance Review

New Roofs being install on 3 Clusters of Units. At time of meeting roofing company had started on wrong section. Subsequently roofing company agreed to complete four sections and offered 10% discount on one section.

Ongoing review of painting-framing/doors/decks

Replacement/review of landscaping needs

3. Nomination and Election of Board Members

Shelley Williams-16

Chris Child-10

Aaron Lopez-10

Catherine Norwood-10

Ron Steed-10

Lyle Page-9

Peter Manley-7

Dan Portwood-5

Pat Hogan-3

4. Other Community Reminders/Concerns

Concerns were raised by a homeowner about HOA decision not to pay for water damage. The water entered the owners unit from outside. Homeowners insurance would not cover claim because water came from an external source. Homeowner indicated concern that HOA should cover expense since water was from external source and alleged damage was caused by gutters draining into or in close proximity of his foundation.

Concerns were raised by a homeowner that if roof had experienced leaks the plywood underneath would have been. damaged. Homeowner claimed plywood that was damaged and not replaced would render new tiles useless and roof would continue to experience issues. Homeowner advocated for replacing all or close monitoring of roofing company replacing damaged plywood.

Concerns were raised by homeowner that previous HOA decision to coat decks instead of staining them was ineffective, unsightly and costly. Homeowner wanted to know when decks would be stained again. Homeowner believed more than three years had elapsed since last painting/staining of decks. Homeowner voiced concerns about age of decks and need to replace them.

Homeowners on Western side end unit voiced concerns that their foundation was sinking. One homeowner voiced concerns that curb molding around landscaping had been removed and his landscaping had been replaced with rocks. Homeowner indicated that hard edge was not holding decorative rocks in place. Thus his foundation was having issues caused by removal of curb molding. Concerns were also voiced that rocks were falling into grass and were being thrown by lawnmowers.

Next meeting:

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 at 6:00pm. Location: TBA.

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