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Tuesday, July 9th, 2019


**Letter regarding homeowner's inusurance requirements now posted on this website under HOA forms.

Attending: Aaron Lopez, Dan Portwood, Ron Steed, Jim Nebeker & Paul Beard

Absent: Lyle Page & Shelley Williams


  1. ​Positions were elected: President: Dan Portwood Treasurer: Ron Steed Secretary: Aaron Lopez .

  2. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting. Not applicable due to Annual Meeting.

  3. Review of financial statements/cash flows. Financial statements reviewed. Board voted to move reserve cash to different financial institution to accrue higher interest rate.

  4. Accounts receivable discussion: Fine issued to Unit 720 for past due amount of $510. Fine issued to unit for failure to place screen door on entry. CMI had not received response from owner.

  5. Reserve Study indicated HOA needed to have a reserve of approximately for $600K major expenses (roof, asphalt and decks). HOA currently has $200K in reserve. A suggestion was made to raise HOA fees to help supplement reserves.

  6. Newsletter will be moving to website soon.

  7. Put letter about insurance requirements on website.


Concerns that were raised:

Watering of new trees and landscaping of area in the middle of the community.

Concerns with watering of brown spots.

Hard edging of beds.

Weed removal from alley.

Removal of dead tree on West side of project.


No concerns at this time.


No concerns at this time.

Roofs and Siding:

There were concerns with missing shingles. Comwest has been contacted to make repairs on roofing.


Five units of the community will be scheduled to have concrete repair done to the property.

971 (Pepi Band?): R& R Landing and step (5x4 we will have to remove glass door to demo concrete).

973 (Pepi Band?): R&R 4x5 section of walkway.

975 (Pepi Band?): R&R 5x6 section of walkway

991 (Pepi Band?): R&R Landing (7.5x6) and reset posts (saw cut away from stairs to demo).

995 (Pepi Band?): R&R 5.5x7 Section of walkway (add 5x6 pad and step is bad, we will need to remove glass door prior to demo).

Walks and Streets:

Trip hazards to be repaired on property. (see above)

Next meeting:

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 at 6:00pm. Location: Kneaders.

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