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Meeting Minutes for Annual Meeting



Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Attending: Clint Dalton, Aaron Lopez, Ron Steed, Jim Nebeker, Paul Beard and Jordan Lee

Absent: Lyle Page, Jordan Lee


  1. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting. Minutes from previous meeting were posted and approved.

  2. Review of financial statements/cash flows. Financial statements reviewed. No concerns.

  3. Accounts receivable discussion: Accounts Receivable were reviewed. One delinquent account will be sent to attorney.

  4. An update to insurance policy was made and board unanimously approved to reduce earthquake insurance from 18 million to 10 million to offset cost of new policy.


CMI to has email Wasatch Landscaping about replacing dried, dead grass with sod and to remove dead trees. No reply from Wasatch Landscaping at the time of this writing.

Plan is being developed to empty dog waste containers and maintain their upkeep.


No concerns at this time.


No concerns at this time.

Roofs and Siding:

CMI will conduct Reserve Study to assess costs of replacing roofs in comparison with reserves in account.


No concerns at this time.

Walks and Streets:

From email dated Tuesday, July 3, 2018:

Schedule for repair, fill and sealcoat of alley:

July 5th patch will be replaced – this will not affect travel in the alley.

July 18th is scheduled for crack fill – it may be better to wait until cooler weather, but this can be done and the contractor applies a coating over the crack fill to help with it curing quicker. But it is scheduled for the 18th.

July 19th is scheduled for the seal coat. This will require that the alley be shut off/down from all traffic for at least 24 hours – the longer it can be shut down the better.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at 6:00pm. Location: Kneaders.

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