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Meeting Minutes for March 2018

Meeting Minutes for March 2018



March 20th, 2018

Attending: Clint Dalton, Aaron Lopez, Ron Steed, Paul Beard and Jim Nebeker

Absent: Jordan Lee, Lyle Page


  1. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting. Minutes from previous meeting were posted and approved.

  2. Review of financial statements/cash flows. Financial statements reviewed. No concerns.

  3. Accounts receivable discussion: Accounts Receivable were reviewed. No Concerns


During this meeting the HOA Board and CMI met with Kevin Best, a landscaper designer to discuss a long term plan for the entire project. The ideas that were discussed took into consideration several factor such as cost, aesthetics, high winds, longevity, maintenance, water costs and viability of plant selction.

1. The 6-Point Plan

This document covers the closest thing we have to a consensus on important points we would like to accomplish with a landscape update:

2. The Concept Rendering

This rendering shows one concept that could potentially fulfill the desired points of the 6-point plan above:


I would love for you to look through the above two documents and give some thoughts on what would and wouldn’t work and how you would fix any issues. The items below will give you some more context to work with:

3. The Rock/Grass Proposal

This is the concept that you saw reflected in the “end caps” featuring the rock and grasses:


4. South Mountain Plant Species List

In the linked document (South Mountain Design Guidelines), if you scroll way down to Appendix A, pages 34–38, you will find the original—and rather long—list of approved plant species for the entirety of the South Mountain. If after looking at the above, as well as what’s currently in the community, and you still want more plant species to choose from, go ahead and look. Also, I don’t honestly know if this document really carries any weight around here anyway.



No concerns at this time.


No concerns at this time.

Roofs and Siding:

CMI will conduct Reserve Study to assess costs of replacing roofs in comparison with reserves in account..

Architecture: Ron Steed and Paul Beard requested mortar repair (Pointing) on bricks on backside of unit located at 14064 Pepi Band Road. (Discussion about repairs to all units that require work)

Walks and Streets: No Concerns at this time.

Next meeting:

Tuesday, April 9th 2018 at 6:00pm. Location: 14058 Pepi Band Road

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