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Annual Meeting Notes from August 2010

Village Town HOA: August 10, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes (19:00)

Meeting called to order by at 19:07 (Annual Meeting)

Board Present Josh Christensen, Kevin Capito, Corey Shuman, Ron Steed, Lyle Page)

Gordon Payne has agreed to keep up the web site. Will send minutes directly. (

HOA members wanted the next annual meeting moved earlier in the year

Community Management (Paul Beard) gave the state of the association portion of the meeting

Snow removal costs mentioned

Everyone was asked to conserve water

Paul reminded everyone to carry a 10k damages insurance rider

Frank from Renaissance painting spoke. Phone is 8017129720

Maintenance (Josh)

Board Election

Mr Burns motioned to carry the board over by acclamation

Added Peter Harris to the board

Current Members of the Board

Josh Christensen

Kevin Capito

Corey Shuman

Ron Steed

Lyle Page

Peter Harris

Todd Jensen

Next meeting September 14, 2010

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