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Meeting Minutes for July 2010

[No board meeting in June 2010 because a full quorum could not attend]

Village Town HOA: July 13, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes (18:00)

In attendance: Lyle, Corey, Kevin, Josh, Ron, Greg (community management)

No previous meeting, No meeting minutes

Painting Update

Frank from Renassiance Painters was present.

Lighter color goes on the door

Darker color on the casing

Screen doors must be unlocked but the doors being locked is OK

Starting on the 19th

Warranty 5 years

Sundried tomato is staying for color

Eliminate black for all doors

Maintenance Issues and Plans

Motion to remove the remaining shutters

20 units with shutters

3-2 in favor of removing shutter

Kevin/Ron/Corey said yes

Lyle/Josh against

Motion carried

Lawn Issues

Caused by dogs

Greg will ask attorney about what is legal

Getting a bid to maintain the roof that will include someone walking the roof

Garage fascia needs to be worked on for several people. Greg will get a quote.

Lyle asked to change watering time from 8 pm to 10 PM. Greg will do that.

Financials Review

Bird cages are complete except one cage

Ron motioned to approve/Josh Seconded

All in favor of approving financials

Next meeting Tuesday August 10th at 1900

Annual Meeting

Held at Draper Library

Reminder message to everyone on the doors

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