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Meeting Minutes for January 2010

Village Town HOA: January 12, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

In attendance: Paul, Greg, Kevin, Todd, Ron, Josh

Meeting called to order 1800 by Josh

Motion to approve minutes with changes

All in favor (changes made real time)


December line item 7314 (Ice/Melt) was high and CM asked for clarification. $4100 for one month was high. CM thinks they are over-applying. We will pay $1500 and hold off on the remainder ($2200) until it is explained better.

Electrical (7208) (7309) (2915) is high.

Misc - concrete was high.

Receivables - We are up $8685

Everything over $500 without an explanation will go to the attorney for possible lien.

Motion to Approve Financials - Josh

All in favor

Board Reports

Landscaping (Lyle) - no report

Painting - Completed for this year 2009

Decks (Cory) - Completed for 2009

Roofs and siding (Ron) - 14115 concrete issue. Will table until weather is warmer than 40F.

Architecture (Kevin) -

Christmas Trees - 689, 402 by the garage

Barbecue - Todd will address. He will contact CM if he cannot.

Screen door - 415 - CM will address.

Potted plants causing an issue.

Walks and Street (Josh)

Kilgore did the crack and fill.

Rules and Regulations

Shutters still on a as needed basis.

Satellite antenna discussion until spring.

Next meeting 2/9/2010 17:45 at Todd 14044

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