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Annual Meeting Notes June 2017

Annual Meeting

Present Ron S Lyle P Clint (Heather and Aaron were absent) Community Management-Paul and Jim were present

Meeting (we had sufficient HOA members to have a quorum for an annual meeting) Ron asked Jim to lead the budget review. Paul went through

  1. Reminders and examples about insurance

  2. People discussed concerns about the development going in. It is the consensus of the board that we cannot do anything at this point.

  3. Members brought up landscaping the small strip of dirt in the alley. We decided to ask via Josh Christensen to see if the developer of the new area will do that. Jim will reach out Josh.

  4. Reserve discussion included how close we are to afford a new roof.

  5. Landscaping plan was to be discussed again at the first meeting of the new board. Landscape issues include:

  6. Tree replacement, why has it not been done?

  7. Has the spraying for insects on the tree been done?

  8. Why have the remaining bits of curbing not been removed?

  9. Watering issues remain.

  10. The beds were going to be raked.

  11. Some portion of sod was going to be replaced and charged back to the offender.

Election of Officers

The everyone on the board except for Heather stood again and was unanimously voted in. The replacement was Jordan L. Board stands at 5 members and will choose officers at the first meeting. Board stands at Aaron, Clint, Lyle, Jordan, Ron.

Next meeting

July 11th at Kneaders at 1800

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