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Meeting Minutes for March 2017

Meeting Minutes



March 14th, 2017

ATTENDEES: Jim Nebeker, Paul Beard, Ron Steed, Aaron Lopez/ Lyle Page & Clint Dalton


  1. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting: Notes were approved.

  1. Review of financial statements/cash flows. Surplus of approximately $20,000 but budgeted painting projects were not completed. Financials reviewed and approved.

  1. Receivable issues: Financial Statements were reviewed. No unresolved questions. Reviewed receivables.

  1. Board Reports/Discussion Items:

  2. Roof monitoring-Continued Monitoring/Roof Repair Scheduled

  3. Landscaping/snow removal – issues, etc.

-Board agreed to have all landscaping “hard edged”. Landscaping Company will remove old concrete borders and dispose of them.

-Flyers to contain information that Ron Steed requested in e-mail. Paul will hand out flyers about new landscaping company and plans to hard edge the flower beds.

  1. Compliance issues

Next meeting: To be determined because of tax deadline in April.

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