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Annual Meeting Notes July 2011

Pre-Annual Meeting

(Ron, Josh, Pete, Todd, Lyle, and Dave and Greg from Community Management)

1. Minutes Approved (Ron motion to approve, Lyle seconding, All in favor)

2. Financials Approved (Ron motion to approve, Lyle and Pete seconding, All in favor)

3. Todd in the process of selling his unit.

Annual Meeting

1. HOA Board trying to run as a unit. This was passed. Entire board carried over.

2. Satellite Dish Issue – VIP Installers will cleanup and remove disconnected antennas. None of the homeowners were completely onboard with the increase in monthly fees. This is an open issue but no resolution.

3. Parking Addition – No clear consensus from the home owners on whether they are interested. Home owners are concerned about increase in tax burden, the usefulness for the owners in the middle portion of the complex, and general apathy (not a problem, why fix it).

Next Meeting: Corey’s house on 7/12 at 1800

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