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Meeting Minutes for May 2011

In attendance: Josh, Lyle, Corey, Peter, Greg and David (both from CM)

Meeting called to order by Josh

April minutes: Motion to approve - Lyle, 2nd by Peter, all in favor

Paul was unable to attend and did not have minutes but will send them out later for our review and approval.

Discussion items

1. Issues with Bee's in a couple units lately, Bee company has been out and will be out Monday if not before to spray. Homeowners can get inside done for $10

2. Decks - Start test of Gaco products on 3 decks, work to begin on 5/16

3. Paint prep has begun on bldg. 11 and 12, start painting on 5/16

4. Roof work to begin this week or M-W next week, masking around pipes to prevent future leaks, fixing about 3 squares of missing shingles, fixing ridge lines

5. Landscaping bark done, beginning to water Tues and Sat.

6. Truco needs to weed better under bark and spray, weed and clean up back alley way

7. Drip system bid from Truco was a not to exceed price of $2000 for the first building, would save an estimated 100-150 gallons of water per week per building -Greg was getting another bid and looking into any "green" incentives that may be available.

8. Truco will get details on trees and bushes so we can pick some to replace some that have died or been removed

9. Letters for Violations were sent out April 5th with warnings, CM will send out fines this week for violations that have not been corrected.

10. Annual meeting to be help June 14th. Josh is checking on the Amphitheater or Library Next meeting June 14th at 6PM prior to the Annual meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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