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Meeting Minutes for April 2011

General Business Meeting called to order. Ron, Todd, Josh, Lyle, Corey, and Greg from Community Mgmt present.

Minutes Reviewed: Motion to approve Josh, Seconded by Ron, all in favor.

Financials Receivables – All past due HOA accounts have been sent to the attorney. The attorney has sent registered mail to all of the parties.

Accept Financial Review: Motion to approve – Ron, Seconded by Lyle, all in favor.


Bark – The proposal is to have a dark heavy bark in all flower beds. Overall cost will be $1500. It should give a more coherent uniform (tied together) appearance for the units.

Accept Bark proposal: Motion to approve Ron, Seconded by Lyle, all in favor.

Deck Painting – A new deck stain/coating is being test on one building. It will be applied by Hometown Builders if weather allows. We also resolved to do a power wash on all decks due to the appearance of some mold/mildew.

Accept Deck Test: Motion to approve Ron, Seconded by Josh, all in favor.

Dog Issues – One unit has a dog that is destroying the lawn. The sod has been replaced once and will need to be replaced again. We will present the bill for sod but no fine to the owner of that unit. No outlay to the HOA.

Next Meeting: Peter – 14078 Pepi Band

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