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Meeting Minutes from March 2011

General Business Meeting called to order. Ron, Corey, Peter, Kevin, Todd, Josh, Lyle, Paul from Community Mgmt present.

Minutes Reviewed. Josh motioned to approve, all in favor.

Presentation for sealing and weatherproofing decks. In a nutshell the vendor proposed that he could add a layer of plywood to the decks, add a drip rail, and then coat it with plastic stuff. Range in price was 500-900 dependent on size of the deck. Didn’t address the rest of the decks. I don’t think anyone really wanted to move forward with it.

Financials Receivables coming down. Several accounts have been sent to the attorney for a lien. Motion to approve financials by Josh, all in favor.

Discussions Parking lot at the end of each side of the alley would cost about $24k for 7000 sq ft Will ask Kilgore to generate the paperwork to be OK with the city

Tru-Co up for renewal. Gave bid locking in current rate for 3 years.

Landscaping OK Lyle.

Trash clean-up on Sat 12th by board members

Painting – getting more bids

Decks-Still working on what we want to do. Todd will get a sample of some special coating for the next meeting. If that does not work we may go ahead with the normal staining schedule.

Siding/roof several roofs have missing roof tiles

Architecture – Eagle Drive sign, Mary Kay sign, ropes need to be removed. Paul said letters will be send to those people.

995 flooded again. Truco will work on fixing the drainage for the front window well that is flooded.

Flower beds are looking trashy and we decided to put down bark. Paul will send out letter that the beds will be done in the next 30 days.

Next meeting; April 12th, 2011. Corey’s 14056.

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