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Meeting Minutes for February 2011

Village Town HOA: February 8, 2011 HOA Meeting Minutes DRAFT (18:00)

Meeting called to order 18:20 (Present: Corey, Ron, Lyle, Todd) by Lyle (Paul and Greg from Community Management)

Presentation from VIP Installs Inc.

Pitching to install one Dish and one Direct TV dish per building

As contracts renew they would switch over ot VIP

At least some current antenna's are not even in use … expectation is that people have switched to Comcast or similar service.

Concern is managment of the program and how much it will actually fix. With at least 2 per building it might not be that much. Also each dish can run 8 recievers. If 2 homes had 4 the next person that wanted satellite would have to put up another antenna.

Everyone is interested in having the old antennas removed. We will renew this conversation when the weather breaks. We do not want any antennas removed until we can properly patched and sealed.

Minutes reviewed and approved with changes regarding what Greg was checking on.

All in favor.


Painting accrues this month even though it was performed earlier. Total is right $3700 but we were not billed until now.

Ice melt is looking to be the correct cost/amount so far.

Emergency weather related repairs cost $2069.

Receivables are on-going but one HOA member is fighting fees in court.

Motion to approve by Corey ---> all in favor

Painting for this season including decks is being bid now.

Greg will ask Kilgore if they can pave a small section in area adjacent to the alleys and file correct paperwork with the city.

Corey submitted and architectural bid. This was tabled since we did not have enough people to vote on it. Will be taken up again next meeting.

Greg will make a run through on the garage lighting (some lights are out)

Next meeting 3/8/2011 Tuesday 1800 at Corey's 14056

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