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Meeting Minutes for January 2011

Village Town HOA: January 11, 2011 HOA Meeting Minutes (18:00)

Meeting called to order 18:20 (Present: Corey, Josh, Ron, Kevin, Lyle, Peter, Todd) by Josh (Paul and Greg from Community Management)

Minutes- Motion to approve by Peter (2nd Lyle) (All in favor)


We ended ahead of plan.

20K in checking, over 80K in reserves.

Receivables are coming down.

Individual arrangements are OK. Letting several people make special arrangements for the month.

Unit 688 are with the attorney, waiting on updates from the attorney.

Painting will be accrued to handle the painting bill that came in late.

Check on whether a credit union would be a better deal. Greg will check.

Motion to approve Financials Josh, (All in Favor)

Board Reports

Landscaping (Lyle) Nothing to report. Snow removal OK. Snow removal costs OK.

Norbert complained about trees being removed.

Painting - Done for this year. Priming is done. Finish coats will come in spring.

Decks - Check on Gecko Sealant (Corey)

Roofs and siding (Ron)

Need pro-active gutter repairs. Terry working on leaks in the development.

Leaks at 14104 (windows), 995 (gutters and drains), 997 (drip), 987 (roof leak), bay window problems at other units.

943 and 14192 having drain issues.

Architecture (Kevin)

Corey will get an architectural form.

Refer needed to be removed. Fines has been sent.

Need to get guidelines out about the exterior items.

Walks and Streets (Josh)

Snow removal OK.

Truco doing OK.

Next Meeting 2/8/2011 Tuesday 1800 at Corey's 14056

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