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Meeting Minutes for November 2010

Village Town HOA: November 9, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes DRAFT (18:00)

Meeting called to order 18:20 (Present: Corey, Josh, Ron, Kevin, Lyle) by Josh (Paul and Greg from Community Management) rece

Minutes- Motion to approve by Corey (2nd Ron) (All in favor)


Reserves are up.

Receivables at $9645

Unit 709 - Board approved plan still is in limbo. Attorney is in progress but was just sent.

Current discussion is that next year's budget has no fee increase.(Motion to approve by Corey, 2nd by Ron, all in favor)

No fee increase but budget not approved yet. - Board approved

Snow removal typo needs fixing (taken out of sprinklers)

Owner of Unit 698 late fees will be waived if the owner goes on auto-pay. Owner agreed and is up to date.

Motion to approve financials - Ron (All in favor)

Board Reports

Landscaping - (Lyle not present)

Shut down sprinklers are done.

Getting cobble put in North/West Corner. In the run-off area. Board decided to move forward with cobble soil erosion prevention now ($750).

Greg has more tulips to prevent Truco touching.

Pruning done but some owners are unclear what the tulip means.

Painting -

We are happy with Frank's (Renaissance Painting) work so far.

Frank will give us the painting.

All green doors to "Shady Willow"

Troy is not done yet. 6 doors completely done. 18 to complete. Troy was told to just to priming to stop the damage.

Decks - Corey, no issues.

Roofs and siding - Ron

Terry will continue, no Conwest.

Architecture - Kevin

Railings looking bad but we will wait through the winter.

Getting bids on replacements.

Walks and Streets - Josh

Truco missed the push on the last storm.

Community Mgmt will get a Truco number to get a push.

They will only salt when we say to.

Lina Steed will be the day person to call for a push.

Things for the door reminder

Zoning 11/18

Screen door ...

Painting still continuing

Next Meeting 1/11/2011 1800 PM Ron Steed (987 E Senior Road) (no meeting in December)

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