Meeting Minutes for September 2010

Village Town HOA: September 14, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes (19:00)

Meeting called to order at 1815 (Present: Lyle, Todd, Corey, Josh, Ron) by Josh

Election of officers:

President - Josh

VP -Lyle

Treasurer - Peter

Secretary - Ron

Member at Large - Kevin

Member at large - Corey

Minutes -

Dogs we will fine everyone at $75, $150, $300, $500. Ron will leave a note on everyone's door.

Minutes approved all in favor.


Sprinkler/Flooding issues caused extra expenditures.


Several more at the attorney.

Motion to approve financials - all in favor


Painting - We will drop the current painter if he does not deliver a good schedule by Friday.

Landscaping - KB bid discussion.

Next meeting October 12, 2010, 1800 at Peter's unit (14078 Pepi Band)

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