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Meeting Minutes for May 2010

Village Town HOA: May 11, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes (18:00)

Meeting called to order at 6:15


Kevin Capito (met at his unit)

Corey Schuman

Todd Jensen

Ron Steed

Greg Minnick

Josh Christensen

Paul Beard

Lyle Page

Prior minutes approved - All in favor


Changed checking account due to a check fraud situation $5500 were taken from our checking accounts. We will not lose anything but Paul Beard does have to fill out some forms.

Receivables are still at $9800 and many letters are outstanding. Josh asked to get a recap from our attorney. Unit 728 is still very high and has a letter with the lawyer.

Lyle/Greg will get prices for grass. Dogs have been destroying grass.

Painting --- Renaissance Painting is lowest of the bids. (Morse and CJ were the alternates). Corey motioned to approve … Josh, Kevin, Ron, Lyle in favor

Motioned carried.

Birdcages over vent - Will ask Truco but the board the cover this.

Next meeting 6/8/2010, 18:00 at 14044 (Todd)

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