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Meeting Minutes for April 2010

Village Town HOA: April 13, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

In attendance: Corey Schuman, Todd Jensen, Ron Steed, Greg Minnick from Community Management, Josh Christensen, Kevin Capito

Meeting called to order Josh Christensen.

Motion to approve minutes with changes by Josh Christensen

All in favor (changes made real time)


March issues with snow removal. Todd actually shoveled during one storm.

8 units are to the attorney for a lien.

Unit 698 will be offered a reduction in late fees but everything else needs to be paid. May 31 is the deadline.

Motion to Approve Financials - Josh, seconded by Corey

All in favor


Retaining wall will be rebuilt to a maximum of $500. Greg will advise on the outcome.

Proceed on 14044 on 14054 front door casing. Cost $480 through Morse. All in favor.

Paint Bids

Going back to bid for the HOA taking care of the doors 2009/10

Rocks/Grass in the alley curb easement deferred to later in the season.

Parking deferred to next meeting

Next newsletter reminder about not running over curb.

Stairwell/Entry - Waiting on warmer weather.

Still working on smoking policy

Next meeting 5/11/2010 18:00 Kevin Capito at home (14082).

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