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Meeting Minutes for March 2010

[No Board Meeting in February 2010 because a full quorum was not able to be present]

Village Town HOA: March 9, 2010 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

In attendance: Paul (Community Management), Corey Schuman, Kevin Capito, Todd Jensen, Ron Steed, Sloan from Truco was present to discuss salt charges.

Meeting called to order 1847 by Kevin Capito, All in Favor.

Motion to approve minutes with changes

All in favor (changes made real time)


Sloan from Truco was present to discuss salt charges. Discussions went on for an hour and Sloan agreed to reduce by approximately $2000 the salt charges and work with us in the future to reduce and be more careful in the application of salt.

Motion to Approve Financials - Kevin

All in favor

Rules and Regulations

Still is in progress

Next meeting 4/13/2010 17:45 at Corey Schuman's home.

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