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Meeting Minutes from November 2009

Village Town HOA: November 10, 2009 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

In attendance: Paul, Greg, Corey, Lyle, Kevin, Josh

Meeting called to order at 1800

Meeting minutes not ready.

Homeowner (Mary) brought several concerns.

Color of the entry way for her unit was marked as black. The board agreed to work with her within the limits of other existing color schemes.

She had concerns about the size of the bushes near here unit. Board said we will work with Truco to alleviate her concerns.

We were going to ask Conwest how much it would cost or if they could remove the unused satellite antenna at the top of her unit.


Financial Approved.

All in favor

Agreed to waive the late fees for unit 686 if the original fine was paid. This brought up the difficulty of contacting the owners of all of the units.

Over $5872 in receivables

Community Management is creating a new budget that we want to discuss at the next meeting.

Conwest-some repairs made and will continue to monitor.

Board Reports

Landscaping (Lyle) - Nothing to report.

Painting (Todd) - Completed for this year.

Decks (Corey) - Nothing to report.

Roofs and siding (Ron) Nothing to report.

Architecture (Kevin) - Satellite Dish Issues

Walks and Streets (Josh) Kilgore is OK'd for $1400 crack fill repair.

All in Favor

Discussed budget and approved $5 increase.

All in favor

No meeting in December 2009

All in favor

Next meeting 1/12/2010 17:45 at Ron Steed's house. He is at 987 East Senior Band Road.

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