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Meeting Minutes from September 2009

Village Town HOA: September 8, 2009 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

  1. In attendance: Paul, Greg, Josh, Corey, Karen, Lyle, Kevin, Todd, Ron

  2. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting.

  3. Motion from Capito

  4. All in favor

  5. Review of financial statemanes/cash flows/AR.

  6. 2 homeowners are later and were sent to attorney.

  7. Discussed 3 others and will work with them.

  8. All in favor

  9. Board Reports

  10. Landscaping (Karen)

  11. Truco wil be about $2800 to fix grass issues and pull the rose bushes.

  12. ii.Rose bushes were approved and Sod was deferred to spring.

  13. iii.All in favor for the rose bushes to be removed.

  14. Painting (Todd) - Final paint schemes posted and schedule on the web site.

  15. Decks (Corey) - In progress.

  16. Roofs and Siding (Ron) - Nothing to report

  17. Architecture (Kevin) -

  18. Molding approved at $2225

  19. All in favor.

  20. ii.Shutters will be replaced with other donor HOA members as an as needed basis.

  21. iii.14068 has garage door issues. Will send letter.

  22. iv.14137 has a horse figure. Will send letter.

  23. Comcast has $32-34 bulk rate but seems a little high. No further action.

  24. Next Meeting

  25. August 11, 2009

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