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Meeting Minutes for July 2017

Meeting Minutes


Juy 11, 2017

Attending: Ron Steed, Clint Dalton, Aaron Lopez, Jordan Lee, Lyle Page, Paul Beard and Jim Nebeker

Absent: None


  1. Review/approval of minutes from the prior meeting. Minutes from previous meeting for approval were not available at the meeting.

  2. Review of financial statements/cash flows. $560.00 for curb removal.

  3. Accounts receivable discussion: Accounts being tracked on unit 412 to owner Account is delinquent $1020.00 Board Reports:

Board Officers Elected Unanimously:

President: Clint Dalton

Treasurer: Ron Steed

Secretary: Aaron Lopez

Landscaping –

Pine trees on property will be sprayed to treat for scale (fungal disease). Trees at risk located near 985 Senior Band and 997 Senior Band 14152 Pepi Band.

Wasatch Landscaping to remove more curbing and create “hard edge.”

Concerns with dead grass spots and low pressure in sprinkler system.

Wasatch Landscaping will remove aspen tree growing too close to home at 14139 Senior Band Road

Wasatch Landscaping will be planting a “2 inch” pear tree between 953 & 955 Senior Band Road.

Wasatch Landscaping will cut down weeds and spray for weed in back alley along fence and along retaining walls.

Wasatch Landscaping will spray for weeds sprouting up through rocks on end units that have been landscaped with rock beds.

Painting – Work/painting on decks to begin and residents will need to remove items from deck.

Decks – See Painting Above.

Roofs and siding – No concerns reported.

Architecture – Ron Steed and Paul Beard requested mortar repair on bricks on backside of unit located at 14064 Pepi Band Road. (Discusssion about repairs to all units that require work)

Walks and Streets – Jim Nebeker contacted Draper City to repair sidewalk near 14152 Senior Band Road. Draper City responded to inquiry and repair will be completed by the city.

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 8th 2017 at 6:00pm. 14058 Pepi Band Road

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