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Meeting Minutes from August 2009

Village Town HOA: August 11 , 2009 HOA Meeting Minutes Draft (17:45)

In attendance: Paul, Greg, Josh, Corey, Karen, Lyle, Kevin, Todd

Homeowner: Gordon Payne

Meeting Called to order by Josh

Reviewed Financial information

Board noted past due account, CM to follow up with phone call to those noted and report at next meeting.

Landscaping, board approved removal and replacement of Gordon Payne's bush due to requests from Questar

Motions Approved:

Go ahead with the $900 bid from Truco from the removal and trimming of overgrowth and bushes. also the leveling of some AC units as noted on the bid.

Begin painting immediately the first set of door molding. Begin with repairs and primer until the board can review color scheme next week.

CM to check with the attorney on compliance with FHA and other lending guidelines for rentals.

CM to get bid for Comcast for all units.

CM to get bid for removal of shutters.

Board to review Rules and Regulations online for later discussion.

Todd to have paint colors next week from designer

Corey to work on newsletter.

Board divided up assignments:

Paint - Todd

Decks - Corey

Landscaping - Karen/Lyle

Architecture - Kevin

Walks and Streets - Josh

Roofs and Sidings - Ron

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